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Livin on the Edge - Samsung's 'Edge' has fun features

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The Samsung Galaxy Edge has some great features for anyone looking to upgrade their current model. The wider screen wraps around at the edges (hence the name), allowing for certain features not available in earlier models. You can color code your contacts, so even if the device is face-down, you can see who is calling you. Though this may not be something everyone desires, it certainly sets it apart from the herd.

The screen itself is a nice size: large enough to make browsing the web and looking at pictures and videos easy, without being unwieldy. The interface is smooth and intuitive, and it comes with some of your standard apps already in place (calendar, email and the GooglePlay store for anything else you need).

The camera has wonderful functionality and has made it easy to take pictures with just a tap of the screen. If you're into taking selfies (something I have discovered I'm terrible at or maybe I'm just too vain), they've made it easier with a front-facing camera and the ability to tap anywhere on the screen to take the picture. Face recognition is also big, as is the quality of the photos you can take.

They have stepped up their biometric security as well. You can register your fingerprints, and anyone who tries to access your phone will be thwarted unless they got your fingerprints in some Mission Impossible creepy way. But other improvements in functionality include the voice commands you can access by simply saying 'OK, Google.' Voice recognition has come leaps and bounds since it first hit the scene. The voice recognition takes ampleadvantage of context and is just simply accurate and easy to use in the car or at a busy office. And as hands-free becomes more and more the norm and a safety measure, it's nice to know that the technology is keeping up.

You can also opt to charge the phone wirelessly. You can buy the pad and keep it plugged in. Just plop you phone on the pad and it charges without having to fiddle with the small USB port. It's great if you need to grab and go.

All in all, this is a fun, intuitive device that really does a good job of finding a balance between being a phone and a device that you use multi-media functionality. You'll have to decide if getting the custom case is worth it but it does look pretty slick.

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