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Leveling up the Waterfront Concerts App

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BANGOR/PORTLAND Connecting with your favorite music is something that social media was made for, and Waterfront Concerts has been on that bandwagon for some time. But they've recently been upgrading their offerings, and now those who connect with Waterfront through their smartphone and iPhone application can enjoy some new features.

One thing fans will find is that they can upgrade their tickets even if they're already at the show - 'if there's any extra [seating] inventory or if we're able to open up pit inventory,' said Pat Shaw, director of digital marketing for Waterfront Concerts. He noted that the number of people allowed in the pit will vary based on the set-up each new tour brings. 'If they're setting up a catwalk, we don't want to have too many people in there.'

If a fan purchased tickets in advance, they may find that they have the cash on hand for the extra seats, or even access to the VIP tent.

'You can buy the upgrade. The VIP tent has a full service bar and a private bathroom in the trailer and lounge seating area it's worth it just for the bathrooms, to be honest,' he joked. 'All of that can be done from our app on your phone while you're there in the venue.'

Shaw recalled when he was younger, it was affordable to purchase a general admission or lawn ticket, but then as the date rolled closer (and a few more paychecks rolled in) better seating was within reach.

'When I was younger, I just wanted to get in the door. But now, at the day of the show if they got paid the day before and have extra money to spend - they now have the ability to upgrade the ticket, which is awesome,' he said.

In Portland at the Main State Pier, fans can use iBeacon to find out about even more offers.

'They can sign up ahead of a show [they're interested in]; then we blast out a text to you and let you know you can purchase on your phone then and there. Then you can go to the venue and be scanned right in,' said Shaw. 'This gives the people the ability to sign up, and sometimes they'll be able to get discounted tickets, sometimes not.'

The southern venue also has iBeacon, which will ping offers to a phone when the user is within range.

'iBeacons are small, inexpensive devices that can send notifications in two ways: when a phone first enters the area where the beacon is and when someone is already in the area,' explained Justin Russell, a web and mobile developer at Sephone Interactive Media. 'The entrance notifications are great to welcome visitors or let people know about special deals or other information about the show. Area notifications send the people already there continuous, helpful notifications, like set times or important alerts.'

Such notifications would alert concert goers to interesting, unadvertised goings-on.

'One of my favorite memories at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion was when Guster played a short acoustic set on the lawn in between sets on the main stage,' Russell recalled. 'Imagine if you were at the Waterfront, heard a notification on your phone, and saw that your favorite band was playing a few extra songs in 15 minutes. That's the kind of information iBeacons allow concertgoers to receive.'

And though the technology is being rolled out for Waterfront Concerts, Russell thinks the applications are far-reaching.

'iBeacons are the kind of tech I love, because they allow so many possibilities for everyone from museum curators to event planners to store owners,' he said. 'We were really excited to add support to the Waterfront Concerts app because it allows fans to be more connected to the concerts they attend and shows just how useful beacons can be.'

For more information about the Waterfront Concert app and iBeacon, visit

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