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Good News, Everybody!

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Gaming's Top (And Not) Website

It's a wide, wide interwebs of gaming-related knowledge and know-how. I'm here this week to toss you in a few directions I feel are proper bases of video game news and pertinent discussion, while also warning you away from a couple badniks. Without further ado:


For years, Joystiq has been a proper bastion for consistent news. The writers are professional yet creative and obviously passionate about their subject matter. A few feature articles break up the news stories nicely, and their layout leaves nothing to be desired. Joystiq also has a couple of decent sister sites in Massively (for MMO affectionatos) and WoW Insider (for fans of Blizzard's online behemoth World of Warcraft).

Aaron's Verdict: Four waffles out of five.

Reddit's /R/TrueGaming

So it's not a site, per se, but within the seedy underbelly of memes and online anarchist movements that is Reddit lies this little gem of game conversation. Questions asked are generally intelligent, thought-out, and thought-provoking. One word of caution for casual fans: these guys take their gaming seriously. If you think my articles have a serious case of overthought and overwrought subject matter, or if you've never really compared Samus's struggles in the Metroid games to women's voting rights, this may not be the best place for you. However, if you wrote your high school thesis paper on physics engines and you're unafraid of making your stand on the psychological impetus behind obsessively playing JRPGs, welcome home.

Aaron's Verdict: 18 monocles out of 10 glasses.

Rock Paper Shotgun

Everything I am as a wannabe journalist I owe to these cheeky British tea chuggers. Some of the best-written articles and features I have ever seen have come out of this hallowed domain, and nary a single one has ever ceased to entertain or inform me. From their traditions (such as their 12 Days of Christmas features) to their internal rivalries to their complete and utter embracing of the indie scene, talent and wit exudes from this fantastic site. Some of their content runs a little long, so have some time on your hands before you visit. I promise you won't leave disappointed unless you're a console gamer. RPS is strictly, strictly PC gaming, a fact that defines the site with an iron fist.

Aaron's Verdict: 10 graphics card upgrades out of 10.


Kotaku's story is a sad one. Kotaku used to be similar to Joystiq in tone and substance, but over the last year has had a sharp decline in a gigantic pile of grammatical rubble. This downward spiral started with an awkward site redesign, followed by poorly written feature followed by poorly written feature. Kotaku has been decimating gamers with legitimate complaints while unabashedly taking the side of terrible developer and publisher decisions (always on DRM, 'Diablo III''s server-side single-player). It's not a news blog anymore so much as a bunch of journalists desperately hoping to be in league with the corporations that run the game publishing business and the money they toss about. There's no integrity here.

Aaron's Verdict: 200 E.T. Atari cartridges.


If Kotaku has been trying to get into bed with publishers, it's because of IGN's example. Never will you find a greater hive of scum and blatant advertising through reviews. IGN has been synonymous with a lack of journalistic integrity, and with good reason. Underneath their bombastic media barrage of a website, there's not much substance to be found, just a bunch of fairly attractive people desperate to keep a hold on their internet fame.

Aaron's Verdict: Equal to the assassination of both Abraham Lincoln and Joss Whedon.

Aaron Waite actually did write his thesis on physics engines, while also thanking Bungie for 'Halo' in his graduation speech.

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