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Fanbases At A Glance

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Reputations of some of gaming's biggest communities

Friendliest: Minecraft'

I've never seen such a community spring almost out of nowhere, build a foundation (pun not intended) of solid contributors and have such an open attitude toward newcomers. Stacks and stacks of creations populate the great video oasis of YouTube, including 1:1 replicas of the Enterprise, 'Game of Thrones' locales and fantastic original building projects. Cities share their skylines with effigies of Nyan Cat and Sonic, all pointing toward the incredible joint efforts of each server's community. The modding community has come together to create some fantastic additions to the already-addictive core game. If you're about to dive into 'Minecraft,' go headfirst. The fans will greet you at the bottom, possibly with diamonds.

Sultans of Douchebaggery: League of Legends'

I understand competitive gaming. I truly, truly do. I know the stress on the players to do well and win every single match is overwhelming. 'League of Legends' ('LoL' or 'League' to its grouchy denizens) is a strategy MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) that has, much like 'Minecraft,' exploded in popularity out of nowhere.

However, instead of welcoming newcomers with grace and advice, if you step into a 'LoL' game without knowing EVERYTHING you need to know ahead of time, be prepared to absorb one of the worst textual assaults you will ever find on the internet. Players are ultra-competitive, mean-spirited and quick to blame you for every misstep you make. While I understand that there's very, very little room for error in a 'League' match, the community could be a bit more welcoming to newbies. If you're going to brave these wastelands of fallen noobs, be prepared to put in hours of work in bot matches and always, always play with friends.

Jekyll and Hyde: Halo'

Yes, yes, I know, I'm the worst person to objectively evaluate the 'Halo' community, but the fact remains that this is the oddest group of players I've run into. While the community is very accepting of newcomers and is passionate to a fault about their favorite series, they're stubborn and outright terrible to the new developers, 343 Industries. Threads upon threads of the Halo Waypoint forums are filled with vitriol, despair and incredibly irrational demands that they insist be satisfied. Any well-wishers are destroyed in a fountain of rage and claims of brown-nosing.

However, if you step away from the official forums, and check out The Halo Council, R/Halo at Reddit, or Halo.Bungie.Org, you will find people who truly love 'Halo' and want to see it grow and get better, people who contribute their stories and tips and people who want to include others in their enjoyment.

Here's a few more community summaries that didn't quite make the top three::Diablo III': 'DIABLO II WAS GOD AND YOU WILL NEVER TELL ME ANY DIFFERENT!'World of Warcraft': You will find two kinds of people here: gold sellers and people that have been playing since 2004. Both of them suck and have terrible grammar.

Call of Duty': Eighth graders. Eighth graders everywhere. Expect no maturity, and you won't be disappointed.

EVE': Businessmen and professional criminals unite to make space at terribly dangerous place to be.

Resident Evil': 'These games are crap, but only WE can say that!'

Sonic': 'Next year, he'll be better. It has to get better. It can't always get worse.'


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