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Computer Room adds iCracked services

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BREWER You fumble your phone. You topple your tablet. You just plain drop one of the most expensive pieces of equipment you've bought this year. You hold your breath, hoping it's OK. But it's not. The screen's cracked and your day has just gotten all manner of worse.

It used to be you'd have to drive down to Portland or mail your phone away to get fixed. But not anymore.

Chris Downs, owner of the Computer Room, has become a new member of the iCracked team, and he can fix your iPhone or iPad quickly and cheaply.

'I can save people time and money. In Bangor, you'd either have to send the phone away or drive to Portland. I can fix the phone and hand it back to them,' said Downs.

Downs has been fixing computers for 26 years, and previously worked as information system specialist for the Bangor Daily News before opening his own business fixing computers locally. When he first added the iCracked aspect to his business, he wasn't sure how he would fit in.

'They're all very energetic college kids, and that's a little intimidating for an old man like me,' he said. 'But they said they're finding people like me someone who has his own business with bills to pay - will be there for the long run.'

The iCracked business was the brain child of A.J. Forsythe, who founded the business after ... well, breaking his phone a bunch of times. He began fixing his own phone, and then the word spread like wildfire and he was fixing his friends' phones, and his friends' friends. And the business was born.

Paul Iliya, public relations director, explained that as of the time of the interview, iCracked had signed on 140 technicians across the country.

'We're growing like crazy. The website went up in January of 2011 and we were selling do-it-yourself kits and things came naturally after that,' he said. 'You can be the starving college kid like we all were or you can be an older individual with a family and a business with [iCracked] to complement it.'

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