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College sophomore's gaming blog catches attention of IGN

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BANGOR - When Jon Logan started college at the New England School of Communications in Bangor, he knew he needed to attend class, study hard, pass in all his homework, and if there was any time left over after all that, then he could spend it any way he wished. However, this sophomore is now discovering using his free time to play and review video games is not only earning him class credit but also the attention of quite a few followers, including IGN Entertainment - a media, digital distribution and game technology site that's a division of News Corporation.

"I never thought it would take off like this," said Logan, who created the blog as part of a class assignment in February.

"The reason I started doing it is a lot of gaming web sites are getting agenda based, telling you what they want you to hear, " explained Logan. "I wanted to talk about things going on in an unbiased manner."

Logan reviews and blogs about console, PC and handheld games. He writes about how the game looks, whether a user will find it easy or a struggle, and if the game is fun or not. While blogging about the PlayStation Vita, Logan posted some covers and backgrounds he created himself that can be used on the handheld gaming system. 

"I was in class and it jumped to 400 hits in 15 minutes because IGN, which I'd say is probably one of the top three sites for gamers, linked to my site in their wiki about PS Vita backgrounds," explained Logan.

Although this NESCom student hasn't made much money from the blog, he's hopeful he eventually will, especially with his newfound following.

"I can't tell who is visiting, but it is generating quite a bit of views. I try to get one thing up every day," said Logan. "My parents are like, 'You're still getting all your other work done, right?' "

And he is, except now he's working hard at both school and play.

"I never imagined I'd get 400-500 views to my site," said Logan. "Hopefully other gaming sites or products I'm writing about will offer me a job."

To check out Jon Logan's blog, log onto

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