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Rainbow Six: Siege' review

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'Rainbow Six: Siege' is the long-awaited continuation of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series made by Ubisoft. The game is a bit of departure from the past games in the series by switching to multiplayer only. While I do miss the campaign mode which was always a big part of the series, they have managed to create a fairly unique multiplayer experience, so maybe focusing entirely on that was worthwhile.

The game is a round-based, 5-on-5 shooter: when you die, you are out for the rest of the round. Because of this, staying alive is just as important as racking up the kills. The teams take turns attacking and defending, switching after each round. The attackers must disarm bombs, rescue hostages or eliminate the enemy team. The defenders have to either eliminate the attackers or protect the objective until the time has run out. At the beginning of the round, the defenders get a chance to fortify the level and the attackers get a chance to send in drones to try to find the objective.

The levels are small and very destructible. This leads to the matches being slow and quiet for a while before exploding into chaos at a moment's notice. There isn't anything in video games quite as intenseas sitting in a room guarding something for two or three minutes only to hear the light sound of footsteps as the attackers rappel down the wall outside. In the next moment walls and windows are exploding and the room is filled with enemies. If you are me, the next thing that happens is you die. In fact, if you are a similar skill level as me (not very good), you will spend a lot of time dying. However, through it all I never felt helpless or that I couldn't have done anything. I just needed to learn the game and characters better.

The game has several characters to choose from, each one with a unique ability. You can unlock these characters in any order you want, but it will take a fair amount to unlock them all. The characters range from a woman with a gun that lets her breach doors from a distance, a big guy with a sledgehammer, a heavily armored guy who can drop armor for his teammates, and many more. Since the characters are so unique you will eventually settle on a few you really like and stick to those.

My primary concern with this game is the sense of progression after unlocking all the characters. By that point you will have unlocked ranked matches, so you can try to work your way up the ladder, but it seems that weapon skins are really the only thing you will be unlocking after the characters. If you enjoy the game enough, I'm sure it wouldn't stop you from playing, and in some ways not having weapon/equipment unlocks makes the game more balanced.

If you like multiplayer shooters and want something a bit more tactical than the usual offering, 'Rainbow Six: Siege' will hit the spot. If you want to get serious about this game you are going to want a group to play with or at the very least a microphone. Communication does make a huge difference in this game.

Is $60 a lot to spend on a game with such a narrow focus? Yes it is. However, if it is something you know you are going to play hundreds of matches of, it is well worth it.

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