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House of Wolves'

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Streamlining Destiny' with minimal but good content

Bungie's 'Destiny' has had a contentious life. From the promise of a sweeping space epic from E3 a few years ago to the segmented and fairly small - albeit very polished - game we ended up getting last September, opinions are generally polarized. To Bungie's credit, they've been cutting down the amount of grinding and frustration necessary to make a decent character, but the real shame is in the lack of content. There just hasn't been a whole lot for the 'Destiny' faithful to do.

The latest expansion, 'House of Wolves,' does little to combat the dearth of content, but it does make the current game much more palatable to play. Through the few story missions that were added, we see the tale of a Fallen house that once played bodyguard to the Awoken Queen in the Reef branch off and attempt to unite the entire Fallen race under one iron fist. There's a bit of new dialogue to flesh out the story a bit, but the missions themselves tend to take place in rehashed areas that have a new final room for minibosses to sit in and make themselves comfortable. It's not terrible, but it's definitely not new.

The real jewel of new content is the Prison of Elders. Set in the Reef's most infamous slammer, this new endgame piece plays like a mixture of the Horde mode from 'Gears of War' and Firefight from 'Halo 3: ODST.' It's five rounds of fast-paced shooting and looting sprinkled with randomized modifiers (taking more damage in the air, slower recharge on abilities, etc.), and it's a fantastic addition to the 'Destiny' universe that's easier to get into than the raids but not nearly as simple as the strikes.

A new hardcore PvP elimination mode has been added, known as the Trials of Osiris. You buy into this tournament with a team of three, and the goal is to get all the wins you can before getting three losses. Those that bull through the incredibly steep competition can find fantastic rewards in the form of new armor, weapons and, for the guardians that go 9-0 on one ticket, a new social area set on Mercury. It's the answer to 'Destiny' having no PvP endgame, and it's brought excellent PvPer's out of the woodwork (my crack team from the Wife Aggro clan couldn't break three wins, and we're no slouches by any means). Don't expect mercy, but do expect soaring heights of elation and heartbreak from the round-based scrum.

As a whole, 'House of Wolves' didn't add an enormous amount of material, but it has addressed many concerns of fans and has reignited the passion for the game for a good number of them. If you've been shying away from 'Destiny' the past few months, 'House of Wolves' is an excellent opportunity to hop back into things.
The Cryptarch is still a jerk, though. Some things will never change.

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