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A new Maine radio experience

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Maine Internet Radio brings local radio programming to the web


BANGOR - With new computer-based music services such as I-Tunes and Pandora, radio as we have known it is starting to become a dying breed. The need for that old time local radio feel on the internet is now filled with the recent launch of Maine Internet Radio.

Maine Internet Radio is a one-of-a-kind broadcasting company based in Bangor with the concept of delivering great local radio programming using state-of-the-art technology. Launched at the end of January, the company aims at bringing back the elements of local quality programming, advertisements and contests that made radio so fun for listeners to tune into. President and founder of Maine Internet Radio Jeff Solari says he's had this idea for a couple years now of bringing radio back to its original foundation.

'I got to thinking about it that the rules probably still apply: even as much as technology comes into society and makes the world that much smaller, at the end day it all comes back to local,' Solari said. 'If there is a better business model for what has always worked for years, then it is worth giving it a try.'

Listeners will get to hear various types of music that aren't readily available on the radio stations in the Bangor area. They will get unique programming that makes local radio so great without having to worry about too many commercial breaks. 

'The over-the-air radio stations play 12-15 minutes of commercials per hour, which we won't do,' adds Solari. 'We'll never take more than three breaks an hour or play more than one commercial in a break. Maine Internet Radio has the same principles as internet services like Pandora, music and entertainment, with a little personality thrown in there as well.'

Maine Internet Radio currently features six streams. The Rebel plays the rocking hits of the '80s, '90s and 2000s. The Alt Vault with Cori Skall cranks out the best alternative rock of the past 25 years. The Jet with Sky Taylor features up-tempo contemporary hit music with no hip hop or old rock mixed in. Mainely '80s plays the hits of the '80s with a few '70s tossed in hosted by Dan Cashman. Toddler Tunes features music for the whole family, including the tunes of Maine's own Rick Charette. And Coastal Cafe gives listeners the chance to hear a whole wide variety of music. 

Other stations in the works are a local stream featuring the Bangor Symphony, a stream featuring the KahBang people and one with Maine's own comedian Bob Marley. The possibility of more streams is open given the rather inexpensive cost of an internet radio company. Solari is pleased with what he has seen so far and has high hopes for the company going forward.

'I definitely think there is a market for it, and I think it would be really cool a couple years down the road to be offering three or four dozen different types of streams of music, entertainment, local news, talk and sporting events. If it takes off and becomes a multi-million dollar idea, I doubt it, but I think it could turn into a nice cool local community thing.'

All streams can be accessed through You can also keep up to date on all the latest news and promotions through Maine Internet Radio's Facebook page.


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