Tuesday, 20 October 2015 19:42

Your inner preschooler

I've been reading about coloring books for adults - yep, just a grown-up version of images that your kids scribble on. Staying between the lines is, as always, optional. If you're expecting me to make fun of this phenomenon, you will be disappointed. I think it's great.

One of the nice things about having kids is that I get to play with some things that I had packed away some time ago. I know this is something most parents go through, the rediscovery of your own childhood through your kids. The line tends to get a bit blurred with parents really wanting their kids to like what they liked, be it sports or 'Star Wars.' And really, no judgement I get the thrill of having your kids like something you enjoyed as a child. It's a blissful bonding moment. I was stupidly happy when my kids started liking dragons and dinosaurs but it's also fun to learn about excavators.

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