Wednesday, 24 July 2013 20:30

Cool off

After a cold, dark winter, summer is just what we need. But many people enjoy the summer from in front of the AC, emerging periodically to venture to the grocery store or work (if it has AC). Hey, we all end up there eventually, because frankly, the weather is hardly perfect. Too hot, too cold, never just right. But there is an alternative. After months of beating the cold with heat, it's time to beat the heat.

And what better way than a swim.

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Wednesday, 08 May 2013 15:57

Drama queens

Winterport's Smooth Criminals' place drama Destination ImagiNation, head to nationals

WINTERPORT The Smooth Criminals recently placed second in the State Championship of Destination ImagiNation, a multi-school competition that challenges students in various categories of learning, from science and engineering to writing and drama.

The Smooth Criminals, who are made up of Carly, Johannah, Gracie, Megan, Renee and Kelsea,  took second place for the drama category after they conceived a plot, assigned roles and acted out (with no dialogue) a short play for judges. Certain criteria had to be met, including the theme, which was disguise, and had to include a fancy mask and a mask that morphs (changes shape) all without input from the adults.

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Mainer helps hurricane victims

BANGOR - Superstorm Sandy may have passed Maine by, but residents in New York and New Jersey were still dealing with its aftermath weeks after it made landfall. New York native Fran Folnsbee, who now lives in Winterport, couldn't stand to watch the devastation on her TV any longer and decided to stock up on supplies and collect donations to drive down to her family and others in need in the Long Island area.

"I was going to go down just to bring my parents gas," Folnsbee said. "Then I figured if I was going, I might as well bring something with me and looked into getting a U-Haul."

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Thursday, 26 April 2012 08:30

A killer show

Winterport Open Stage presents murderous comedy

WINTERPORT Marriage can be murder. And as presented by one local theater company, said murder can be very, very funny.

Winterport Open Stage is presenting 'The Smell of the Kill,' a play by Michele Lowe and directed by Dominick Varney, through April 29 at the Wagner Middle School in Winterport.

Nicky (Brianne Beck), Debra (Jenny Hart) and Molly (Christie Robinson) are three women whose relationships with one another are built almost entirely around the fact that their respective husbands have been friends since college. The men meet up monthly for cards, cigars and dining room golf (no really) while their wives retire quietly to the kitchen for chat, cards and Chardonnay.

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