Tuesday, 17 December 2013 21:54

Winter, you wench, you.

She comes into your house in the form of runny noses, persistent coughs and double ear infections that take two rounds of antibiotics to cure, and then she just straight chills. She drips her wet, snowy self all over your hardwood floors and makes no apologies. Not one little, 'Oh, did I do that? Who, me, Winter?' Worst of all, she makes you outfit your kids like giant, mismatched marshmallows who have lost all sense of balance and mobility. Bad news bears, bad news. 

I understand we live in Maine. I get it. The Northeast doesn't exactly promise sunny and 75 more than two months out of 12. But come on, negative 30? Who's down with that? How can I send my little marshmallows off to school prepared to face recess in the sub-Artic? 

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