They traveled to nine different countries on five continents in their quest to win the 'Amazing Race' on CBS, but what may be the most memorable thing about David and Rachel Brown's journey is that they set an all new 'Amazing Race' record. The married couple from Wisconsin finished in first place eight different times during this traveling reality show. They are now one million dollars richer and the record holders of the most first place finishes in all of twenty seasons of 'Amazing Race.' I recently spoke with Dave and Rachel to hear firsthand how this television adventure has changed their lives.

The Maine Edge: What's more exciting winning the 'Amazing Race' or setting a whole new record of the most first place finishes?

Rachel: We don't agree on that.

David: Obviously the money is phenomenal but the record I'm most proud of is Rachel & I are the team that has successfully completed the most legs in the history of the program.

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