The red headed, fair skinned, self proclaimed geek John Cochran of Washington, D.C. is in a league of his own. He successfully won Survivor Caramoan this week by securing the vote of every single member of the jury which was made up of contestants he had a hand in knocking out of the game. The Harvard law student has been watching the show since he was 13 and even wrote a paper about it in law school. He got the opportunity to see the game from the inside when he was invited to participate in Survivor South Pacific, but he was the 13th person voted out during that season. This season, he made it all the way to the end when he aligned himself with former Survivor South Pacific player, Dawn Meehan of Utah and newcomer Sherri Biethman of Boise, Idaho. The trio lasted 39 grueling days on the island, but in the end it was Cochran who pulled out the win. I recently spoke with the Washington, D.C. native about his winning strategy and what he plans to do with his one million dollar prize.

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She was a member of all three tribes, went to every single tribal council and never found a hidden immunity idol during her 39 days on Survivor: Philippines, yet Denise Stapley of Iowa was still able to outwit, outlast and outplay all the other contestants to become this season's sole Survivor. She sat beside Lisa Welchel and Michael Skupin in the final and when the votes were tallied, the jury felt Stapley played a better game than both Welchel and Skupin. I recently spoke to the final three contestants to get their view on how this season's game played out.

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Thursday, 17 May 2012 08:43

Texas bridal shop owner wins 'Survivor'

She won the last four immunity challenges to secure her place as one of the three finalist vying for the title of sole survivor and the one million dollar prize. 29-year-old Kim Spradlin of Texas, who never played her hidden immunity idol necklace, sat beside 26-year-old Chelsea Meissner of South Carolina and 33-year-old Sabrina Thompson of New York, hoping to be picked as this season's 'Survivor' winner by a jury of fellow contestants that she helped vote off. Many of the participants admitted Kim played a great game; making them all believe she had a relationship or alliance with each of them, which in the end won her the game. I had the chance to speak with Spradlin over the phone the day after the show and the 'Survivor' reunion to get her reaction to her win and to find out what she did with the immunity necklace she was never forced to use.

The Maine Edge: What did you do with the immunity idol?

Spradlin: I actually gave that to Troy after I got to Ponderosa . I always hated how it shook out between Troy and I and knew there were things he didn't get to do that he wanted to do and that he loved the game, so I gave it to him.

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NBC's 'The Biggest Loser' pushes people to shed pounds and pounds of excess weight through exercise and good nutrition in order to get healthy. Twenty contestants lost a large amount of weight and inches throughout the 13th season including Jeremy Britt who lost a whopping 199 pounds to become this season's 'Biggest Loser' winner, beating out his own sister Conda, and former professional wrestler Kim Nielson. 

"The most important thing I learned was hard work pays off. In the end, everything I did paid off for me," Britt said. "You never underestimate anyone especially someone like Kim. I was doing whatever I could at home to make sure she wasn't outworking me. I knew Kim was going to give me a run for my money."

And she did. Kim lost 118 pounds and showed off her new, slim 134 lb. figure on the scale during Tuesday night's finale. As celebratory as the finale was, there were a few contestants like Buddy Shuh and Mark Cornelison, that didn't partake in the festivities because they quit the show.

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