'La-Mulana' was originally released for free in Japanese in 2005, and the remastered commercial version was released in Japanese and English earlier this month. There's a translation patch for the (fantastic-looking) original if you poke around. You can buy the new one at and, right now, nowhere else. I don't like writing paragraphs like this, but hey, this isn't gonna show up in a commercial or on Steam's frontpage.

So. 'La-Mulana.' It's pretty much the best. The guys that made it knew exactly what they were doing all the time, which is remarkable because frankly that's just not it usually goes. It is pushing as hard as it can in every direction and it is almost totally successful.

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012 17:09

Bastion of Storytelling

The Kid wrote an article...

It's a long-accepted fact that I have a thinly-spread attention span when it comes to gaming. I'm constantly bouncing between four or five games at any one time, so when you can actually lock me down with one game for more than an hour or two, you've accomplished a feat that few can actually lay claim to. In 2011, two games did this: one was the open-world opus known as 'Skyrim,' and number two was a little indie number called 'Bastion.'

Easily one of the most beautiful games I've ever had the privilege to play, 'Bastion' has a bright, light palette that disguises one of the most deeply-narrated stories you will ever be involved in. You're dropped into a world that has literally fallen out of the sky, with no backstory or driving force other than to move forward and seek out shelter and supplies.

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