Tuesday, 31 March 2015 17:16

Bloodborne' review

What a terrible night to have a curse!

It's all very familiar. My character is awakened in a dark, dingy place with nothing but my bare hands and a few scraps of clothing. There's a beast up ahead that I have little to no chance of defeating in my current situation, and the gigantic werewolf-ish thing is taking up my only route of escape. I'm probably about to die, but I will absolutely go down swinging and flailing wildly rather than let death take me gently by dismemberment.

It's definitely a 'Souls' game. Make no mistake about it, 'Bloodborne,' despite its new locale and the gothic, Van Helsing vibe that runs through it, hearkens back to its predecessors and finds all new ways to make you love the fact that you want to break your controller.

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