Tuesday, 11 February 2014 18:00

Little League of Legends

Can Gaming Co-Exist With Sports?

As an expectant father (or more accurately, husband of an expectant wife), I have a lot of tangents that I tend to go on when talking about my child's future. There's a reasonable amount of speculation when it comes to my offspring: Are they going to be a nerd or jock? Bookworm or computer geek? Ginger or non-ginger? (My wife and I are both redheads; poor kid doesn't have a chance.) 

I was discussing some of these possibilities with my sister when I broached the idea of how gaming would be viewed by the next generation. Where the NES generation is getting older, gaming is becoming more ubiquitous while the stigma attached to it lessens by the year. No longer the basement-bound hobby that it once was, gaming has achieved an incredible amount of mainstream success and coverage. However, the thing that intrigues me the most is how some games are becoming a spectator sport in and of their own right. 'League of Legends' has had upwards of 32 million concurrent viewers watching top teams vie for the Summoner's Cup. 

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