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What If This Article Had Lyrics?

A look at Brentalfloss's genuine irreverence

If you were growing up in the early '90s, you always had one of those friends, the slightly awkward ones that your parents made you include in your activities even though you were always a little uneasy about being around them. But being the good friend that you were, you invited me um ... that friend over. You dusted off the NES, threw in 'Kirby's Adventure,' and you and your friends took turns. Sure as clockwork, that weird friend would start singing along with each of the tunes. Not just humming, but starting to make up words to go with the 8-bit tunes.

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Thursday, 14 June 2012 09:56

Bit Tunes With Brain

Musing underappreciated game soundtracks

5. DuckTales' - NES

Brain: Aaron, no one else played this game as a kid. No one.

Waite: I know of at least two others.

B: Your siblings don't count.

W: Anyway, most of this game would meet your exact expectations for a Nintendo game based

on a Disney Saturday morning cartoon. The gameplay is bizarrely unrelated to the cartoon

(Scrooge's attacks consist of bouncing on enemies with his cane). However, the strange and pleasant surprise came in the form of the game's fantastic music.

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