Tuesday, 20 October 2015 19:44

Time Waster - Catch theCrowns'

'Catch the Crowns' is a physics game that places the player in the role of Rob, the last loyal guard to the king who has had all his crowns stolen by his other, less loyal guards. Using a variety of weapons at his disposal, Rob dispatches the blackguards mostly by dropping heavy objects on their heads or using explosives or magic.

You basically have to look at what resources you have available, and using the environment and weapons on hand, dispatch the guards, collect as many of the three stars as you can and get the crowns back.

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Monday, 31 August 2015 19:50

Time Waster - Hexel'

'Hexel' is a wondrously complicated game that is simple in design and layout. But there is a chance that if you play it you will go mad. The game is 19 circles, set up in a hexagon. You start with three red dots, and you move them with your keyboard (or by swiping, since you can play on a mobile device). If you have lined up three or more red dots in a row, they will combine to make another color (e.g. three red dots combine to make orange, four red dots create yellow, five will make green).

But every time you make a move, another red dot appears. The goal is to combine enough colors to make a black dot you know after you've created green, blue and purple. As of this playthough, I've only been able to make one purple dot.

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Thursday, 05 February 2015 16:04

Time Waster - The Tower' (02/04/15)

This game can be played on your smartphone, tablet or desktop. It's simple in premise, but incredibly challenging. Basically, you are trying to build the tallest tower. Simple, right? You have to stack the shifting blocks on top of each other as high as you can. If your structure isn't sound, you start losing bits of blocks, which makes stacking them all the more challenging.

Lining up the blocks perfectly leads to bonus points, which allows you to purchase upgrades. The upgrades do things like give you a head start or allow you to start over from a previous point rather than the beginning and more. The better you are, the better your bonuses.

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