Tuesday, 13 January 2015 19:55

Time Waster - ZomboGems

Sometimes the tensest part of a horror movie is when a character is trying to do a mundane task that is made horribly complicated by panic. Like gassing up your car in the midst of a zombie attack. But with ZomboGems, they've added another level of complexity by adding the nonsensical need to match gems in order to fill your tank (the gems hold the gas, or some nonsense). Basically they were looking for an excuse to squish two games into one, and they did.

As you match gem colors by three or more, you shoot, or lob weapons at the oncoming hordes of zombies. In between pit stops, you can supposedly upgrade your vehicle, buy some items that make killing the zombies easier or gassing up faster. But the upgrade system feels terribly imbalanced you can't afford the good stuff and end up being walloped as you progress through the game. Basically forcing you to replay levels (such as they are) until you can buy better gear to beat that oncoming hoard. It isn't a deal-breaker, but it does get a little tedious especially considering how similar the levels are to begin with.

Published in Time Waster Weekly


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