Tuesday, 07 April 2015 19:18

Time Waster - Smash Car Clicker'

Oh, idle games, you're here to stay. There's something about a game that plays itself that makes you, the player feel more than a little redundant. Yes, when you are playing you win faster; yes, you have to add upgrades to ensure you win more but ultimately, the game doesn't need you. And yet, here we are.

'Smash Car Clicker' is just such a game. Like most incremental games, you do play an active role in the beginning. Your job is to crush cars by jumping on them. You are paid per jump. You guessed it, you jump when you click (or tap, or whatever you happen to be using for an interface). The faster you click, the faster you make money. You can also call your friends and they can help you make more money. You pay for upgrades for them and for you to make more money faster.

Published in Time Waster Weekly


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