Tuesday, 04 February 2014 20:20

Time Waster - Shape Fold 2'

Puzzles can be fun if they somehow manage to dance along the line of not being too infuriatingly difficult or mind-numbingly easy. That's a hard balance to maintain for anyone. Too hard and people rage quit and never come back; too easy and you're done, with no reason to try for more.

'Shape Fold 2' is a really interesting game that combines moving shapes triangles of various degrees and polyhedrons of varying shapes and sizes - that are hinged together and getting them all to fit in a predestinated larger shape. You have to have decent spatial comprehension. Fortunately, if you move wrong, the pieces won't lock into place. You can (almost) never lock yourself out of solving the puzzle (I found at one point I had to restart because I the block I needed to fold a certain way wouldn't fit because of a locked piece) so basically, you could flail around until pieces started to fit and then have a better idea of how to win.

Published in Time Waster Weekly


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