Tuesday, 02 June 2015 18:10

Time Waster - Clicker Heroes'

Clickers are becoming huge and much more advanced. Things have changed from the days of 'Cookie Clicker,' but not as much as you might think. For those who are not familiar, 'clickers' are a form of idle gameplay, which means the game keeps playing itself for you while you do things like write stories, watch your children or even shut down your computer. It's basically math made fun.

'Clicker Heroes' has slick graphics, cute bad guys (if you can call them that, since they're really nice about letting you kill them) and ample rewards for mowing them down. You purchase other heroes who wish to help and level them up to increase your idle damage per second. You can also unlock special powers that allow clicks to be made for you, get more gold, earn gold while you click and more. They all have cool-down periods that vary with the strength of the power itself, but are rarely more than an hour. Earn coins, level up and move on to the next level where the enemies are a little harder and take longer to kill.

Published in Time Waster Weekly


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