Let’s talk nutrition. If you are anything like me, you enjoy the finer things in life like beer, meat and cheese. Fruits and vegetables just don’t have the same panache as something that can intoxicate or slowly choke out your blood vessels’ ability to keep you alive, so I tend to avoid them at all costs. Why choose boring food when you can have not-boring food?

I kid, of course - you should always eat a balanced diet. To take that one step further, you should also DRINK a balanced diet!

With that in mind, here are three beers that have (some sort of) fruit in them, so you can keep your drinking diet good and balanced!

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As a brewery owner, I’d say the number one question I am asked is something along the lines of this: “How long until this whole brewery bubble pops?”

Now, that isn’t a question that anyone can answer with any certainty at this particular moment, but I often offer up something along the lines of “There are still fewer breweries than wineries and Americans drink more beer than wine, so I’d say we haven’t hit the peak yet.”

It’s an honest answer that more or less represents what I think (vaguely) about that (also vague) question.

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Tuesday, 05 June 2018 16:31

Three Pint Stance - In defense of cans

Over the past half-decade, many changes have taken place across the craft beer landscape, but none more obvious and ever-present as the switch from glass bottles to aluminum cans.

It used to be popular knowledge that canned beer was cheap beer, and if you were looking for higher quality, you would always find that beer in a brown, glass bottle. Younger craft beer drinkers will be amazed to know that when the local craft boom began, the most commonly found format on store shelves was the 22 oz. bomber! I don’t know about you, but it been a long time since I’ve picked up one of those.

The switch from bottles to cans has been underway for a while now; the logistical reasons for said switch have been discussed at length. However, when talking to customers and beer lovers alike, there is still a very polarized view of which format provides the best taste.

Unfortunately, there seems to be plenty of misinformation about cans and bottles in terms of which container is actually best at preserving a beverage’s flavor and freshness. Let’s try to clear that up a bit.

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Summer is officially less than a month away, but Beer Festival season is off and running!

Here is a list of brew fests coming up around the state of Maine:

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018 15:04

Three Pint Stance - Quick Sips!

Turns out, there’s a fair amount of local beer-related news happening right now! Time for another installment of the semi-regular Three Pint Stance feature – Quick Sips!

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First off, I want to thank everyone who sent in limericks this week. The grand total of submitted limericks (Allen and my contributions aside) now sits at … two, both from readers from England.

(Old England is REALLY making you look bad, New England.)

Anyway, more on limericks later. For now, we have a beer style to explore!

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ast week, I made a semi-desperate solicitation to you, the reading public, as to where this here beer-themed column should head in the coming weeks, months, years, etc.

To be quite honest, the response was underwhelming, to say the least. Shame on all of you who didn’t reach out. I am hurt, and to be honest a little embarrassed. I put myself out there and you left me out in the cold.

(Editor’s note: Seriously – it’s all we heard about. Tim’s too fragile for this kind of thing.)

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So I was thinking. I write this weekly column about beer,and I have fun with it. I try to make it informative, funny and altogether not a waste of your time. And I think I do pretty well with those goals, but you are the final judge of all that, right?

With that in mind, I ask you this. How am I doing? Honestly, the amount of feedback I get on this is quite minimal, so here I am soliciting it (for better or worse.)

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It’s tough to think about right now, but the time is coming when the mercury’s going to really start rising. When that time does eventually arrive, the importance of properly chilled beer cannot be understated. Sure, there are certain styles of beer that taste great at warmer temps, but that’s not what we’re talking about right now. In short, I want a bottle of Kolsch and I want it as cold as you can get it!

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National Beer Day is cool, but let’s talk about Maine Beer Day

So, as you can probably tell by the cover story that National Beer Day is coming right up – April 7, to be exact. This is observed in recognition of the Cullen-Harrison Act in 19, that redefined what an intoxicating beverage was under the Volstead Act, thus allowing for the production of traditional beer in the USA once again in 1933. While it didn’t mark the end of prohibition, it definitely was an important step along that road and most importantly allowed for the making of beer again! Our long national nightmare was finally over.

(Editor’s note: I literally just told them about this like six pages ago.)

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