Wednesday, 07 August 2013 22:56

Nature vs. nurture The Sports Gene'

Book takes on age-old questions about athleticism

For as long as competitive athletics have existed, we have sought understanding of what allows a good athlete to become great or a great athlete to become truly elite. Is greatness destined, present since birth on a genetic level? Or is it possible for an athlete to become great through hard work and a beneficial environment? The argument has gone on for years, with plenty of good reasons to come down on either side.

So nature or nurture? Which is it?

That's the question that David Epstein attempts to address with his new book 'The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance' (Current, $26.95). Epstein enthusiastically tackles the subject, with intensive research and a multitude of in-depth interviews. He talks to top-of-the-field scientists and elite athletes alike, looking for any and all information that might provide some insight toward answering that age-old question. Genetics? Or environment?

Published in The Sports Edge


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