Have you ever solved a Rubik’s Cube? How long did it take you?

If it was more than a few seconds, then you probably aren’t ready for the world of competitive speedcubing. It’s a world filled with idiosyncratic characters, but there’s no disputing that these people are as devoted to perfecting their craft as any other elite performer. Watching cubing at the highest level is genuinely fascinating – their hands are a blur of speed and motion as they solve cubes in mere seconds.

“The Speed Cubers,” a documentary by Sue Kim, takes a look at two of the greatest competitive cubers ever. The Australian Feliks Demgegs, who spent close to 10 years setting records and winning championships, and the young American Max Park, a prodigy who has spent the past few years shattering many of those same records as he rockets to the top of the scene.

It’s about the unlikely friendship that sprang up between the two rivals – a friendship made all the more moving by Max’s special circumstances. While the cubing itself is certainly impressive, the pure humanity on display is even more striking. It’s a short film – just 40 minutes – but no less impactful because of its brevity.

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