The Google+ social media platform offers businesses many of the same features as Facebook and other social sites. Through Google+ you can make posts, target your audience (with circles), and update photos and information about your business. Another feature Google+ provides, which is not offered with most social media sites, is the opportunity to broadcast your own live video online to broad or target audiences through Google Hangouts. Here are a few benefits of using Google Hangouts to enhance your business's marketing and working environment.

Choose your audience. Google Hangouts can be broadcasted live, allowing anyone to hear and watch you but giving you the option to select who can participate during the video. These live Hangoutscalled Hangouts on Airare great for promoting products and services, or for sharing your industry knowledge to anyone who is interested. You can also use Hangouts in a private setting, such as holding an online business meeting or collaborating with co-workers when you are out of the office. 

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