Tuesday, 09 June 2015 17:53

Time Waster - Star Light 2'

Often, the little games we play on our phones or web browsers are designed to stress us out there is tension that comes with winning that can sometimes render a game less than fun. But then there are games like 'Star Light 2' that have some challenge to them, but are designed to entertain you in a relaxing way.

This puzzle game is straightforward you have to find images in the stars. You start with a crazy jumble of lines, and use your mouse or touchpad to rotate the image until it makes a recognizable picture. It can seem confusing at first, as the rays go in every direction, but once you get the hang of it you'll be whipping though images quickly.

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Summer vacation is a time to relax and enjoy the sunshine outdoors, but unfortunately it is also a prime time for home burglaries. According to a U.S. Department of Justice study, crime rates increase more than 10 percent in the summer months. June, July and August are prime months as thieves watch for signs that home owners are away on vacation. Everyone needs a vacation, so how do you maintain your home and keep it safe even when you aren't there?

Thanks to technology, more security options are available than ever before. Consumers no longer have to rely on home security companies that charge expensive monthly fees to monitor and protect their homes. Smart thermostats, for example, allow users to remotely manage home temperature to save money and stay comfortable in changeable weather conditions. Wi-Fi-enabled smoke and carbon monoxide alarms alert you to emergencies even if you're not home to hear the alarm.

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Tuesday, 09 June 2015 17:48

Leveling up the Waterfront Concerts App

BANGOR/PORTLAND Connecting with your favorite music is something that social media was made for, and Waterfront Concerts has been on that bandwagon for some time. But they've recently been upgrading their offerings, and now those who connect with Waterfront through their smartphone and iPhone application can enjoy some new features.

One thing fans will find is that they can upgrade their tickets even if they're already at the show - 'if there's any extra [seating] inventory or if we're able to open up pit inventory,' said Pat Shaw, director of digital marketing for Waterfront Concerts. He noted that the number of people allowed in the pit will vary based on the set-up each new tour brings. 'If they're setting up a catwalk, we don't want to have too many people in there.'

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Tuesday, 02 June 2015 18:10

Time Waster - Clicker Heroes'

Clickers are becoming huge and much more advanced. Things have changed from the days of 'Cookie Clicker,' but not as much as you might think. For those who are not familiar, 'clickers' are a form of idle gameplay, which means the game keeps playing itself for you while you do things like write stories, watch your children or even shut down your computer. It's basically math made fun.

'Clicker Heroes' has slick graphics, cute bad guys (if you can call them that, since they're really nice about letting you kill them) and ample rewards for mowing them down. You purchase other heroes who wish to help and level them up to increase your idle damage per second. You can also unlock special powers that allow clicks to be made for you, get more gold, earn gold while you click and more. They all have cool-down periods that vary with the strength of the power itself, but are rarely more than an hour. Earn coins, level up and move on to the next level where the enemies are a little harder and take longer to kill.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015 20:28

Time Waster - Royal Squad'

The tower defense game has a soft spot in my heart. There is something thrilling about having to plan out much of your defense in advance of an oncoming hoard or five, and 'Royal Squad' delivers a wonderful twist in this game.

You are a troupe of soldiers deep in enemy territory with a handful of archers and an eccentric mage. You are tasked with keeping the evil skeletons, zombies, mages and priests at bay while the main army tries to reunite with the ship. The story involves a spell is on the archers to keep them out of sight from the bad guys (a thin premise, sure, but do you really need a thicker one?).

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Monday, 18 May 2015 15:28

Time Waster - Kill the Plumber'

The concept of this game is great, and it's really hilarious when it works. And it does work most of the time, but due to some buggy mechanics (or ineptitude on my part) some levels are borderline unbeatable - and basing it on not just my experience but others who have commented as well, level 12 will make or break you.

It broke me, which was a shame, because up until then I'd been having a great time and even laughed out loud on several occasions. The premise is, an insane plumber can't take 'no' for an answer, and it's your job to get rid of him by any means necessary. But you're limited by the kind of actions you can take all based on a popular Nintendo game that featured pipes, plumbers and an inordinate amount of mushrooms.

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RANCHO PALOS VERDES, Calif. The latest ally in competitive gaming's fight for mainstream awareness just might be marketers.

At an intimate, invite-only gathering this week at a seaside resort, executives from corporations such as AT&T, State Farm and McDonald's were looking to electronic sports to potentially capture new consumers. While e-sports now regularly draws tens of millions of spectators both online and in person, the genre continues to battle for broader recognition in North America.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015 22:05

Time Waster - The Adventures of Red'

This is a challenging puzzle game that is the perfect balance of difficulty and fun. In 'The Adventures of Red,' you play as the cute little yellow guy named Red. You are on a mission to get your chocolate muffin. The muffin has been hidden in one of the towers of a castle that is filled with locked doors and hidden keys.

Ever since 'Myst,' puzzles in games have been seen has either a cool challenge or an infuriating roadblock. The puzzles in 'The Adventures of Red' manage to balance the difficulty very well. Each room has a puzzle, but there are clues hidden about the room to aid you on your journey, making the puzzles as much about your powers of observation as they are about being able to tease out the mechanics of the puzzle itself.

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Tuesday, 28 April 2015 19:51

Time Waster - Frozen Island'

In 'Frozen Island,' you are the leader of Vikings trying to raise an army and liberate your islands from the frozen grip of a frost giant.

Basically, this is an attack and upgrade game. You start out with one type of available unit (swordsmen) and then have to liberate certain islands to unlock other types of units skirmishers that chuck spears, archers with war dogs, berserkers that hurl axes and more. Each unlocked unit also comes with a special power that you can use tactically to win these battles.

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'Final Fantasy Record Keeper' might as well be called 'We Packaged A Bunch of Nostalgia Up For You.' Square Enix has taken the 'Final Fantasy' series, condensed it down into a lovely sprite form, and made a fair free-to-play system that doesn't feel pay-to-win, the end result being an excellent stop-and-pop mobile game that tugs on the heartstrings of fans old and new.

The (fairly light) story revolves around the keeper of a gallery of the 'Final Fantasy' stories getting thrust into all of the worlds he's been taking care of after an event throws all of history into chaos. The result is a game-hopping romp that collects your favorite characters and scenes from a myriad of 'Final Fantasy' games and mashes them together in glorious, turn-based combat. You set up your party, pick a game world to hop into and then fight your way through dungeons, leveling up and reliving the past glories of the SNES, PS1 and PS2 games, complete with fantastically made sprite art. Party customization is robust, and setting up your party for success with equipment and abilities is just as important as your character levels.

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