Tuesday, 18 August 2015 18:50

Time Waster - Whine About It'

Buzzfeed is where your mom or annoying friend goes to find all the crap they repost constantly on social media. However, it is also home to one of the brightest shining stars of the internet: Matt Bellasai. He is the brainchild behind 'Whine About It,' a weekly segment where Matt gets drunk at his desk and complains.

He pours an entire bottle of wine into a single glass, proceeds to drink it and then gripes.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2015 14:50

Back to school with teenage drivers

We all remember what it's like to feel the newfound freedom and joy of being able to drive ourselves to school, activities and maybe even our first job. But, as a parent, we likely have a different viewpoint. Even with the most responsible teens, it's a major milestone. Fortunately, there are ways to make this transition a little more manageable for both parents and children.

U. S. Cellular has several resources that can help families with young drivers. One is U.S. Cellular's Vehicle Monitoring System. After putting the easy-to-install module in the car, parents can use the app on their 4G LTE iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 or any tablet, to check a vehicle's location on a map, as well as decipher engine codes to be aware of mechanical issues. You'll know where your teenager is at any time of day, and whether the car needs an oil change.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2015 14:50

Time Waster - Sentry Knight'

One knight stands between the vast hordes of darkness for some reason. Oh, right, because it's fun. That's the premise of 'Sentry Knight,' a defense game where you are that knight and you have to hold off bats, skeletons, goblins and other assorted baddies with their various weapons and magic. You have your trusty bow and some spells at your disposal.

Each level has various criteria you can meet to get stars you can still win without them, but if you're a completist you can replay the level until you meet each goal. In between levels you can purchase improvements with the gold that has been dropped by your enemies.

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SAN FRANCISCO Microsoft debuted its new Windows 10 operating system Wednesday, in what the company hopes will be a pivotal moment in its bid regain its sway in a world where the PC is no longer king.

The first people to get the new software Wednesday included about 5 million "insiders," or tech enthusiasts who previously enrolled in an early preview program. Microsoft is counting on tens or even hundreds of millions more to download its latest release for free in coming months.

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Wednesday, 05 August 2015 20:34

Time Waster - Words Warrior'

This is another game that will be filed under 'good, but way too short.' 'Words Warrior' follows the exploits of the Mute Prince, who runs along sentences in a story that stars him. Along the way you have to pick out keywords that will help the prince with his story.

The mechanincs are simple: you use the arrow keys to move (right across the page, and down to 'pick up' your word). If you have chosen well, you advance the story. If you missed the mark you will experience the consequences of not being a close reader. You do have to pay attention to the word play, and read ahead if you want to make it to the next page.

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Something has happened, and the shadowy government has taken you in for an interrogation. You are bombarded with questions and have only seconds to answer them. Who are you? How old are you? Who are you closest with? How old is your sister? How many people did you kill during the incident?

If you take too long to answer, or if you contradict yourself as your interrogators repeat questions, you are found guilty. Then you can read the report on you and see how badly you've implicated yourself or your loved ones.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015 17:50

Time Waster - No One Has To Die'

'No One Has To Die' is a combination strategy puzzle and story that is just on the cusp of being truly amazing. You are put in the shoes of a 'visitor' who has the power to help four workers at a shadowy business escape a deadly fire. While you are doing this, you have to make dire choices about who lives or dies. The fire is the obvious threat, but so is the water. If it is left on too long, it will drown victims. If too many people die, the level resets, and you have the option to replay the level.

Once the fire is contained and the water turned off, you will advance. You follow the storyline of the survivors and slowly the truth about the company and the reason why the fire was set are revealed. But you will need to play through the levels multiple times, choosing different survivors, to learn the bizarre truth.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015 19:44

Time Waster - Arrow Hero'

A game doesn't have to be complicated or have fancy graphics to be addicting and fun. 'Arrow Hero' takes a page from 'Guitar Hero,' but instead of a fancy fake guitar and rocking music, it's just you and your arrow keys. You have to hit the corresponding arrow, and the more you mess up the faster you lose. They are color coded to make gameplay that much easier, but trust me when I say that it won't save you. Best streak means best score. It's easy to learn, but surprisingly challenging. But it is really fun when you get a good streak going.

Play it for free at It is also available on mobile.

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015 20:58

Time Waster - Death Worm'

Sometimes it can be hard to find a good time waster. My criteria isn't extreme, but includes finding something that is fun to play, easy to learn and still waste a good chunk of time. Too boring and no one will want to stick with it; too hard to learn and it's not a productive waste of your time. Well, 'Death Worm' is one of those gems that is just easy, fun and delightfully weird.

You play as the titular Death Worm, living under the sands of Egypt. Your goal is to eat things: birds, camels, people, cars you get the idea. The more you eat, the more you can level up and then the more you can eat. It's a beautiful pattern.

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If you have any pressing commitments, homework that is due or anything that resembles a social life, leave now. Once you start playing 'GemCraft 3,' you will not be doing any of those things. This game and its predecessors are the tower defense games (TDG) that all other TDGs aspire to be.

This game is massive and well-structured. The first few maps serve as a tutorial and even if you're a veteran player, they will help you get the hang of some of the new features.

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