Blockbuster treatment of beloved character a flat, generic bore

Few fictional characters are as ingrained in the collective consciousness quite like Tarzan. From his first appearance in Edgar Rice Burroughs's 'Tarzan of the Apes' back in 1912, the story of a man born and raised in the African jungle a man who learned to live among the animals by becoming one with the animals has resonated.

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He was the lone man left in the game of 'Survivor', but there wasn't a thing the 64-year-old plastic surgeon from Texas could do to keep it that way. Greg Smith (a.k.a Tarzan) was unanimously voted out of the game by the other players despite his constant attempts to convince Alica and Kim how advantageous it would be to take him to the final with each of them. I got the chance to speak with Tarzan after the show to get his reaction to how the game has gone thus far.

The Maine Edge: You were the last remaining man in the game, why do you think the women kept you around as long as they did?

Smith: I would like to think it was because I do understand women. I love women in the sense I want them to be the best they can possibly be. The real reason is they sensed the sincerity and the romantic idea that I could embrace my wife on the sands of Samoa. I hope and thought and still think they thrashed all the other guys, so they thought, 'Let's let Tarzan see his wife.' And I totally appreciated that. 

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Monday, 02 April 2012 09:22

Sushi chef voted out of 'Survivor'

Now that the players on 'Survivor' are on one tribe, it's becoming obvious to viewers that they're not one big happy family. Last week, Tarzan and Jonas, both of whom were members of the original Manono tribe, turned on one another. Jonas, a sushi chef from Utah, that has been a quiet, unassuming player for most of the game, finally snapped at Tarzan, an aging plastic surgeon from Texas, who is set in his ways. That blow up ultimately earned Jonas an early exit from the game. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Jonas Otsuji and get his reaction to the game of 'Survivor' and what he would've done differently if given the opportunity.

The Maine Edge: What was your beef with Tarzan? Why didn't you two get along?

Otsuji: Tarzan had pretty much had run-ins with everybody. The straw that broke the camel's back was when he went to Mike and told him this big plan of how the guys were going to vote, and Mike was never with us. That's what set me off for sure.

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