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Texas bridal shop owner wins 'Survivor'

She won the last four immunity challenges to secure her place as one of the three finalist vying for the title of sole survivor and the one million dollar prize. 29-year-old Kim Spradlin of Texas, who never played her hidden immunity idol necklace, sat beside 26-year-old Chelsea Meissner of South Carolina and 33-year-old Sabrina Thompson of New York, hoping to be picked as this season's 'Survivor' winner by a jury of fellow contestants that she helped vote off. Many of the participants admitted Kim played a great game; making them all believe she had a relationship or alliance with each of them, which in the end won her the game. I had the chance to speak with Spradlin over the phone the day after the show and the 'Survivor' reunion to get her reaction to her win and to find out what she did with the immunity necklace she was never forced to use.

The Maine Edge: What did you do with the immunity idol?

Spradlin: I actually gave that to Troy after I got to Ponderosa . I always hated how it shook out between Troy and I and knew there were things he didn't get to do that he wanted to do and that he loved the game, so I gave it to him.

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He was the lone man left in the game of 'Survivor', but there wasn't a thing the 64-year-old plastic surgeon from Texas could do to keep it that way. Greg Smith (a.k.a Tarzan) was unanimously voted out of the game by the other players despite his constant attempts to convince Alica and Kim how advantageous it would be to take him to the final with each of them. I got the chance to speak with Tarzan after the show to get his reaction to how the game has gone thus far.

The Maine Edge: You were the last remaining man in the game, why do you think the women kept you around as long as they did?

Smith: I would like to think it was because I do understand women. I love women in the sense I want them to be the best they can possibly be. The real reason is they sensed the sincerity and the romantic idea that I could embrace my wife on the sands of Samoa. I hope and thought and still think they thrashed all the other guys, so they thought, 'Let's let Tarzan see his wife.' And I totally appreciated that. 

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Her goal was to be the youngest player to ever win 'Survivor', but 22-year-old Kat Edorsson's dream fell short when the tribe blindsided her at tribal council. The blonde was unanimously voted off the island and onto the jury. Endorsson, a college student and part-time Timeshare Rep. from Florida, was visibly shaken by the betrayal and furious that she was sent home before fellow contestants Christina and Tarzan. Edorsson even confessed during her exit interview that she was going to "beg Jeff [the show's host] to let her back on the show so she could redeem herself." I recently spoke with Edorsson by phone to find out if her naivety is what cost her the game.

The Maine Edge: Looking back do you think you were too naive?

Endorsson: I wouldn't want to say naive. I know everyone doesn't want to hear this but I am only 22. I don't want to see it as naive, that's a negative word. In 'Survivor' you have to trust someone. What I did was trust someone with my whole heart and in 'Survivor' you shouldn't play that way and in life you shouldn't do that, unless it's family. I think I made naive decisions, but I am not naive.

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Thursday, 26 April 2012 15:33

Women continue to dominate on 'Survivor'

The women refuse to be swayed by the remaining male contestants on the CBS reality show 'Survivor'. Despite 50-year-old Troy 'Troyzan' Robertson's best efforts, he just couldn't convince Christina, Kat, and Tarzan to vote off one of the stronger females in last night's episode. And once he failed to win the immunity challenge, he all but sealed his fate that he was the next to go. After receiving four votes from his fellow contestants at tribal council, 'Troyzan' became the fifth member of the jury. I recently spoke with Robertson, a swimsuit photographer from Florida, who shared just how frustrated he was with his inability to change the course of the game. 

The Maine Edge: Where did you go wrong?

Robertson: I don't know if it's completely on me or circumstances. When Colton left that really hurt my game. He was a person that was on my side and I knew he was on my side. We were really planning to go far.

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His name has been brought up numerous times throughout this season as the next potential contestant to be voted off the 'Survivor' island. And this week, 27-year-old Leif Manson of San Diego, California, was finally sent packing. His torch was snuffed out at tribal council after the majority of the women and one of the final remaining male participants, Tarzan, voted him out of the game of 'Survivor.' Now just eight players remain on the CBS reality show, and it'll be up to Leif and the rest of the jury members to decide who is given the $1 million prize and the title of sole survivor. I had a chance to talk with Manson recently to hear his thoughts on this season's contestants and just what he would've done differently in the game if given the chance.

The Maine Edge: Are you surprised you're a member of the jury or that you made it as far as you did?

Manson: I was definitely thankful. Making it to the jury is really big. Where I got [in the game] was a big surprise and a huge accomplishment.

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Who says a model can't outwit, outplay, and outlast all the competitors on 'Survivor?'

The remaining players, that's who.

Twenty-five-year-old Jay Byars thought he had a solid alliance with Troyzan, Chelsea, Sabrina, Kat and Kim (all members of the newly-formed Manono tribe prior to the merge). But as it turns out, the ladies who started the game as the original Salani tribe kept their word to stick together, despite promises they made to Jay and Troyzan. Jay was worried about an all-girl alliance forming and expressed his concerns to Troyzan and the girls during this week's episode. However, the smooth talking of both Kat and Kim turned his paranoia into confidence that allowed him to opt out of the immunity challenge in exchange for wings and beer. However, when the contestants headed to tribal council, this male model from South Carolina soon discovered his game play was less than picture perfect. I recently got a chance to speak with Byars, who shared how much he enjoyed the game even though he was blindsided.

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Just when you thought the CBS reality show 'Survivor' was getting predictable, the contestants hatch a whole new plan to blindside the least suspecting tribe mate and send him packing. That's what happened this week to 30-year-old Mike Jefferson of Seattle, Washington. He thought he had a strong alliance with Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina, Jay and Troyzan, which he did until Kim and Sabrina started discussing creating an all female alliance and annihilating the men. I had the chance to speak with Jefferson this week to find out how he truly could think in a game like 'Survivor' that he was safe from elimination.

The Maine Edge: I'm still surprised you were blindsided.

Jefferson: It's weird timing. I think the girls realized I wouldn't turn on Jay or some of the others and they thought, 'Do it now!'

TME: Why didn't you try and shake things up or make a move?

Jefferson: When Matt got voted out I knew I could've been voted out next. I figured I had to lay low for a little bit when we switched things up. I thought it was solid.

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Monday, 02 April 2012 09:22

Sushi chef voted out of 'Survivor'

Now that the players on 'Survivor' are on one tribe, it's becoming obvious to viewers that they're not one big happy family. Last week, Tarzan and Jonas, both of whom were members of the original Manono tribe, turned on one another. Jonas, a sushi chef from Utah, that has been a quiet, unassuming player for most of the game, finally snapped at Tarzan, an aging plastic surgeon from Texas, who is set in his ways. That blow up ultimately earned Jonas an early exit from the game. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Jonas Otsuji and get his reaction to the game of 'Survivor' and what he would've done differently if given the opportunity.

The Maine Edge: What was your beef with Tarzan? Why didn't you two get along?

Otsuji: Tarzan had pretty much had run-ins with everybody. The straw that broke the camel's back was when he went to Mike and told him this big plan of how the guys were going to vote, and Mike was never with us. That's what set me off for sure.

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Karma made its presence felt on 'Survivor' this week when the reality show's most hated player, 21-year-old Colton Cumbie of Alabama, was taken out of the game for what appeared to be appendicitis. 

Cumbie offended almost all of his tribe mates in one way or another. Week after week, viewers like myself have watched the idol necklace holder and conniving 'queen' of the misfits [the name he gave to his fellow 'Survivor' players] verbally assault those around him. Cumbie made it known he was calling the shots in the game until medics deemed him too sick to continue. While being evacuated from the island, Cumbie was told he could give his immunity necklace to anyone on the Manono tribe, but he instead decided to keep it as a souvenir.

When I spoke with Cumbie recently, he said he wished he would've been blindsided instead of leaving the game with what was later diagnosed as a severe bacterial infection. Here's what else he had to say:

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The 'Survivor' tribes are no longer divided into men verses women. On this week's episode, the tribes literally cracked eggs to form new teams. The participant's eggs that bled orange found themselves on the new Manono tribe, while those whose eggs bled blue formed the new Salani tribe. Both teams seemed upset by the shake up, but the newly-formed Salani tribe adjusted quicker to the change and as a result won the immunity challenge. That meant the Manono tribe was headed to tribal council where they all agreed to get rid of their strongest teammate, 41-year-old mother of three Monica Culpepper of Florida. Culpepper is also the wife of former NFL Defensive Tackle Brad Culpepper. Recently I had the chance to speak with Culpepper about her time on Survivor, whether or not she knew she was being voted out of the game, and why she was so trusting of Survivor mastermind and immunity necklace holder, Colton Cumbie.

Culpepper: It was totally a blindside. I wasn't expecting it all. And I wasn't expecting it for one reason, I had a relationship that started with Colton the first few days of the game.

The Maine Edge: Why isn't anyone flushing the idol?

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