AUGUSTA - The Maine Forest Ranger Incident Management Team is returning to Maine after helping with the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in New York City for the past 14 days.

Mobilized just two days after the devastating storm hit the city, the nine-member team spent last week working with the New York City Department of Health and the New York National Guard in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn.

The Maine team managed three separate medical-assistance teams comprised of security personnel from the National Guard, paramedics and New York City health officials that conducted more than 21,000 door-to-door health and wellness checks in nearly 200 high-rise buildings affected by the storm.

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Mainer helps hurricane victims

BANGOR - Superstorm Sandy may have passed Maine by, but residents in New York and New Jersey were still dealing with its aftermath weeks after it made landfall. New York native Fran Folnsbee, who now lives in Winterport, couldn't stand to watch the devastation on her TV any longer and decided to stock up on supplies and collect donations to drive down to her family and others in need in the Long Island area.

"I was going to go down just to bring my parents gas," Folnsbee said. "Then I figured if I was going, I might as well bring something with me and looked into getting a U-Haul."

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NEW YORK The Maine Forest Ranger Incident Management Team (ME-IMT), mobilized to New York City on Oct. 31, has been successful in helping with the relief efforts for survivors of Hurricane Sandy. For the last few days, the team, made up of seven Maine Forest Service (MFS) forest rangers, a chief deputy sheriff and a communications specialist, has worked in a coastal area of the borough of Queens that was devastated by the storm surge and still without power.

'We have seen a lot of devastated areas hit hard from Hurricane Sandy,' said MFS Forest Ranger Jeff Currier, ME-IMT incident commander. 'We are glad to be here and helping those in need. If the tables were turned, I'm sure our friends in New York would help us with a large-scale disaster in Maine.'

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Wednesday, 07 November 2012 18:40

November 7, 2012

Stay on target

CORINNA An area garbage man called the cops when he thought a resident target shooting was targeting him.

On Oct. 30, Maine State Police responded to Corinna for a report from a garbage truck driver that he had been shot at as he emptied a dumpster.

The investigation revealed that the homeowner was sighting in his rifle by firing out his window across the road.

The garbage truck driver heard the shot, looked up to see the subject in the window with the weapon and surmised he had been shot at.

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