The summer season is back!

With COVID restrictions easing and movie theaters reopening, the 2021 summer box office looks pretty crowded; there are a LOT of offerings, though as always, one anticipates the level of quality will be wide-ranging.

That said, there are few things I enjoy more than looking forward at the movie release slate to come, so now that I have the opportunity, I intend to take full advantage.

To that end, here is a list of 21 films coming to theaters over the next few months. Now, there are some of these movies that will be receiving simultaneous streaming releases – mostly the Warner Brothers/HBO Max entries and a few Disney+ offerings, with a handful of others as well – but they will all be hitting the big screen.

It’s worth noting that there will be plenty of big-time streaming-only films coming from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and the like. These movies have their own blockbuster bona fides, but I’ve chosen to focus on films hitting the silver screen for the ticket-buying public.

In addition, this is just a fraction of all the movies coming your way this summer. If I missed something that you’re looking forward to, well – apologies. And I’m not saying these are the 21 BEST movies of the summer – a quick glance should disabuse you of that notion. This is just a cross-section of the (hopefully) good, (possibly) bad and (potentially) ugly from the weeks ahead.

(Please note that all of the listed release dates are subject to change.)

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