Wednesday, 21 March 2012 15:43

Flat-out risky

The trend in hairstyling known as the Brazilian Blowout, keratin smoothing treatment or any other similar-sounding service deserves immediate attention. I want everyone to be educated in the dangers this product comes with. I have been telling clients, friends and colleagues for months that the infamous Brazilian Blowout is just that - a blow out. This process that chemically smooths and straightens your hair is doing way more than that, and most of you either just didn't know or refused to believe it. This product contains extremely high levels of formaldehyde and is extremely dangerous for the client, and even more dangerous for me as the stylist.

Customers are paying upwards of $300 for a carcinogen. Sound good to you? Is your idea of perfect hair really worth it to you? Are you willing to put yourself and your stylist at risk for that? I have been leery of this from the beginning and now reports have been released that the FDA is aware of this problem and are calling for these companies to lower the levels of formaldehyde and make their consumers aware. OSHA has issued a hazard alert to consumers and professionals which will outline the problems and hazards associated with this product, and the FDA has issued the companies a warning letter with a deadline to lower the levels or face enforcement action. About time if you ask me.

Published in The Wrath of Grapes


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