ELLSWORTH There's a hubbub of cheerful chatter, and it's difficult to make out what Celtic/rock contemporary/fusion musicians Carmel Mikol, Rachel Davis and Darren McMullen are saying.

'We're not even a band,' says Mikol, who adds, 'We're free radicals.' Or maybe it's, 'We're three radicals.'

The three will perform shortly at the home of impresario Steve Peer, who runs the house concert series 430 Bayside. At the moment, the living room and kitchen are filled with faithful attendees, who receive word of the latest musical act through Peer's social media pages and newspaper listings.

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Thursday, 26 April 2012 07:55

Home is where you hang your high-hat

Somebody much wiser than me once said, 'Necessity is the mother of invention.'

If this is the case, then musically speaking, Steve Peer is invention's baby daddy.

A long time musician, Peer began promoting music locally along the 'Bar Harbor-Bangor corridor' after returning from a long stint drumming in Halifax. Finding himself paying out more than seemed feasible for hall rentals and generously feeding and housing traveling bands, he looked for a more cost effective venue. It was then that Peer decided to strip his home and convert the first floor into 'America's favorite house concert.'

What started predominately as a vehicle to showcase Gaelic performers, 430 Bayside in Ellsworth has offered a stage to acts almost as diverse as Peer's own musical tastes and genres in which he is a proficient drummer.

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