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There ain't no good guys

Friend of our show Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald recently wrote a column on good guys and bad guys in sports, focusing on David Ortiz of the Red Sox and Yankees DH Alex Rodriguez.

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Wednesday, 04 April 2012 14:29

Blackbear the Pirate

Thaaarrr be Baaars... er, Bears

There is adventure on the high seas for Blackbear the Pirate, and more on the way as this charming series continues.

The latest installment of this lovely illustrated children's book is 'The Search for Captain Ben,' where Blackbear and his crew go in search of the captain's missing mentor named in the title.

The idea of combining pirates with bears came to author Steve Buckley while on a trip to Canada.

'I had written all these adventure stories and I was just trying to figure out where it was going and put some characterization in it. I didn't want to illustrate them [the pirates] as people,' he said in a phone interview. 'We were way up near a village called Mica. We saw so many bears and that's really where it came from.'

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