You can go ahead and think of 'SSX' as the new 'Sonic the Hedgehog,' if you're the kind of dude that really knows what was good about 'Sonic the Hedgehog' - which excludes everyone who currently works at Sega (ha!). It's not, really, about snowboarding; it's about flying at as ridiculous a speed as possible while trying to cling to some shred of stability. Each of the game's mountains even starts to take shape like a 'Sonic' level, filled with loopy, branching paths, some vague optimal route hiding underneath the knots.

Other major, less-expected inspirations come from, of all things, 'Demon's Souls' and Facebook. Eccentric multiplayer mechanics ditch simultaneous racing and opt instead to stick ghosts of every one of your runs into every one of your friends' games. This is definitely awesome, especially if you've got a couple real-life friends playing alongside you. A friend of mine just beat one of my times on an early track by 0.03 seconds, ('Just smoked your time, bro.' 'Does 0.03 seconds really count as a smoking?' 'YES.') and yeah, there's his ghost, following the same paths I took and just barely edging me out in the end.

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