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Pollen Allergy

After a long harsh winter, spring has finally arrived. And with the spring comes the birds, pretty flowers and pollen. Lots of pollen. And for those with pollen related allergies, like Bangor residents Rebecca Jones and Micah Michaud, spring carries just as much sinus pressure, coughing and sneezing as it does warm temperatures and songbirds.

'I'm allergic to pollen, dandruff, dust and cigarette smoke,' wrote Michaud in a Facebook message. 'I usually get sick around this time of year and get really bad congestions, coughs and allergy colds.'

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013 16:18

All right spring, listen up

This is an open letter to mother nature: I need you to listen to me, because I will only rail against you futiley this one time (right) stop snowing. I mean it.

That snow storm you gave us in the middle of March was one thing. We could use the sleds in that, and it was good snowman material. This 'wintery mix' crap that you're throwing at us in the middle of April is really pushing it. Cold and wet enough to make going outside a nasty challenge, but not quite nifty enough to make it fun. Even the robins I've seen look pissed off. What's a girl got to do to get some 50 degree weather?

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013 09:58

Sweet sounds at Sugarloaf

Sugarloaf Reggae Festival marks 25th year

CARRABASSETT VALLEY It might seem a bit counterintuitive to think of a ski mountain when it comes time to consider the dawning of spring. While Sugarloaf is one of the premier skiing destinations on the East Coast, come April, we're more inclined to think about melting snow rather than snowpack.

However, there's more to Sugarloaf in the springtime than just some late-season shussing down the slopes.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013 17:17

Sweet signs of spring

BANGOR After months of cold, snow, ice and darkness we're finally seeing signs of spring. And they can be dubious since they often come with mud, slush, sudden storms. But there are signs of spring that represent nothing but joy and I'd hazard to say Easter candy is one of them. 

Eliza Butler, president of Specialty Sweets, on 849 Stillwater Ave., in Bangor, enjoys this time of year because for her, spring comes early.

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