Modern life can be overwhelming. Keeping track of multiple to-do lists, appointments, meetings and other obligations can push our memory and attention spans to the limit, leaving little room for much else. To overcome these challenges, savvy smartphone owners are turning to some surprisingly simple yet effective tricks to capture information, supplement their memory and avoid becoming overwhelmed by mundane details.

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Summer weather is here, bringing with it outdoor activities, bathing suits and other motivators for many people who want to get healthy and get in shape.

Your smartphone phone can help you eat healthier, according to 16 percent of smartphone users surveyed. By looking up nutritional information before purchasing food or ordering at a restaurant, you have the opportunity to make healthier choices.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013 15:44

Smartphones make it easier to go green

Looking for some fresh ideas to help make a difference on Earth Day this year? Look no further than your cell phone. According to data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, it's estimated that more than 135 million cell phones about four per second - will end up in landfills each year, and only about 10 percent of cell phones are recycled. Making the choice to recycle a used device represents a tremendous opportunity to reduce waste in the environment.

The following suggestions from U.S. Cellular show how simple it can be to find nearby recycling areas via your cell phone and highlight other easy ways to be more sustainable when using your device. All recommended apps are available on Google Play, and the tips work across a range of devices including the 4G LTE Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013 17:02

A mobile fresh start for spring

U.S. Cellular experts help wireless users give their mobile device a good spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is all about getting a fresh start, and it's a great time to make sure you're getting the most out of your phone or tablet. A simple check-up on your mobile device can maximize its functionality to help simplify and organize your life.   

Whether you have a smartphone, tablet or feature phone, all devices can benefit from some spring cleaning. Clearing out storage space and organizing your phone will help you keep the most important information at your fingertips.

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Were you lucky enough to unwrap a new - or upgraded - mobile device this holiday season? Mobile devices were popular gifts for the holidays, with tablets leading wish lists and smartphones ranking in the top five, according to a recent survey by the Consumer Electronics Association. Recipients of a new tablet or smartphone will be able to use their mobile device in a variety of ways at work, home, school and play - once they figure out how to use all of the bells and whistles on their new gadgets!

Your mobile phone simplifies and organizes your life, keeps you connected and informed, helps you achieve your personal and professional goals and allows you to enjoy your downtime. Get the most out of your new device with these tips from U.S. Cellular:

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The start of a new year is around the corner, and it's the perfect time for a fresh start. Whether your New Year's resolution is to lose weight, get better organized or save money, experts say making a daily effort will help you accomplish your goals over time, and your smartphone can serve as a handy tool to help you on your journey.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 21:53

Making the most of your mobile website

It is impossible to deny the continuing growth of mobile computing. Nowadays, more and more people rely exclusively on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to browse the web, shop online and stay in touch. I asked my colleague Ian Marquis, creative director at Pulse Marketing Agency, to give some tips to help you ensure that your company's mobile website puts its best foot forward:

Automatically detect mobile devicesOne of the fundamentals of web design is to make things easy for your visitors. What is the point of creating a separate mobile site if users need to hunt for a link or remember a particular URL in order to see it? Configure your website so that it can tell when a visitor is using a mobile device and direct them automatically to your mobile site. Another option is to make your primary website responsive so that it displays optimally on every device regardless of screen size. With either approach, the takeaway is the same: Give your visitor the best experience possible.

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With so many things to juggle in the fall, stress can rise as fast as the temperatures drop. Between managing the family's busy schedule, getting back in the school routine and following your favorite sports, it can be hard to find time to relax. In order to help families simplify and organize their lives, U.S. Cellular offers 10 ways a smartphone can help reduce stress during this busy season.

It can be a little overwhelming trying to plan ahead and keep track of multiple schedules while constantly on the go, but a smartphone is a great tool to help you stay organized and it can also be a source of fun and stress relief when you need to take a moment for yourself.

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It's fall, which means school is back in session, the leaves are changing colors and some of your favorite television shows are finally returning after a too-long summer hiatus. Many people are excited to catch up with the 'Modern Family' gang, 'The Walking Dead' zombies and the new cast of 'Dancing with the Stars,' and they don't want to miss a moment of their beloved shows while on the go. Luckily, smartphones and tablets are the perfect tools to stay connected, informed and entertained wherever you go.

With the 4G LTE network available through U.S. Cellular, customers can tune into 'The Middle' while in the middle of a flight and keep up with the Kardashians while they're keeping up with their errands. Cutting-edge devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 allow users to catch all of their favorite sitcoms along with the news or even the big game from anywhere.

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012 22:26

Top apps for students heading off to college

As the end of summer nears, college students and parents will soon be heading out of their driveways with cars filled to the brim with dorm room supplies. A visit to most any college campus in the United States will confirm that the majority of college students rely on their mobile phones. In fact, a recent study of campus mobile phone users found that 53 percent owned smartphones, but few take advantage of the many advanced features these phones offer (Test Kitchen Research Reports).

Whether you are a first year college student or returning to school, students often have to learn how to juggle work, school, and their social lives. A smartphone is a perfect tool to help students stay on track, balancing their classes and entertainment, as well as keeping in touch with Mom and Dad back home.

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