It would have hard to guess 10 years ago that we would be using cell phones to help us save money on goods and services today. Such shopping techniques using smart phones and tablet computers are becoming increasingly popular, and thanks to numerous applications ('apps' in mobile phone vernacular) you can use your mobile devices to not only find what you need but also to save quite a bit of money.

Whether you want to save money on gas or reduce your travel expenses, there's probably an app that enables you to do it. In fact, no matter where you are, you can consult your smart phone or tablet to reduce the price of just about anything, including items you shop for on a daily basis.

Many of these shopping apps scan barcodes and subsequently find detailed information about specific products, redeemable coupons, and also search the best price for a product in your area, either at a local store or online. Once you've found the product you're looking for, you can download another app to keep track of your finances.

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With kids out of school and home for the summer, many families are planning their summer vacations. If staying close to home for vacation is your preference, there are plenty of applications in Google Play that can help you find things to do right here in Maine, including places to stay and the cheapest gas to get there. With the 4G LTE network through U.S. Cellular in the Bangor area, which is the first 4G LTE network in Maine, you can get what you want when you need it while traveling. Cutting-edge 4G LTE devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S Aviator and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, allow you to access thousands of cool apps to enhance your trip so you and your family will enjoy the journey.

The following apps are great for vacationing in the state of Maine:

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In our constantly-on-the-go society, smartphones and tablets make it easy to navigate through even the busiest days. If you tend to get lost, travel often or strive to be more efficient, rely on your mobile device as a navigation tool. Whether you're embarking on a road trip, driving to your kids' away games, meeting clients in an unfamiliar area or going on a hike, new 4G LTE mobile devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S Aviator or Samsung Galaxy S Tab 10.1, and the latest GPS technologies will get you there successfully.

Today's smartphones, tablets and GPS technologies are more sophisticated and user-friendly than ever before. Helpful new features include embedded GPS receivers and mapping services, providing real-time position tracking and voice-guided or text directions.

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I recently read and shared on my Facebook page an article by Janine Popick on Inc. Magazine about business meeting etiquette. The time of the article was serendipitous, because I had just attended three consecutive seminars where a great number of people in the audience seemed to be elsewhere rather than fully present at these meetings.

When I read Popick's article, I felt relieved as I realized that I wasn't alone in thinking that the more gadgets we acquire, the more socially inept we seem to become. The basics of business etiquette should be applied in every business occasion (including in-house meetings or in any informal business context). When exactly did we stop being courteous during meetings? Here are my pet peeves:

Arrive on time Being punctual is a simple matter of respect for the presenter and your fellow attendees.

Make eye contact If someone is speaking, look at them. Don't stare at your cell phone or iPad or doodle on your notepad or napkin.

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