Horror movies have always had an odd relationship with morality. From the earliest adaptions of gothic horror, the genre has always had a touch (or more than a touch) of judgment and victim-blaming, an underlying implication that these people are getting what they deserve.

Never was that inherent idea more apparent than during the slasher craze of the ‘70s and ‘80s, with wave after wave of boozing, promiscuous teenagers falling beneath the various blades wielded by an assortment of maniacs.

But times change. And so do sins.

“There’s Someone Inside Your House” – currently streaming on Netflix – is very much a throwback to that ‘80s slasher vibe. Directed by Patrick Brice from a screenplay by Henry Gayden (adapted from the 2017 Stephanie Perkins novel of the same name), the film is an attempt to evoke those classic horror tropes while updating attitudes for 21st century social mores.

There’s a down-and-dirty viscerality to the film that definitely captures the grimy, bloody energy of its inspirations. And it’s an interesting idea, trying to marry the evolution of teen morality to an old-school approach. It isn’t always fully successful in its execution, but it’s a gruesomely good faith effort at capturing bad faith behaviors even as it collapses a bit beneath the weight of its own logistical inconsistency in the third act.

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