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Adding to the Elder Scrolls

If you're like me, you're a little late to the 'Skyrim' PC wagon. I got the game at launch on the 360 and ended up with roughly 110 hours of shouting at dragons and bandits and mudcrabs and just about anything you could yell at in a draconic tongue. There may have been some swords and spells in there as well, but I was too busy shouting at everyone I met to pay much attention. Giant? SHOUT! Sabre tiger? SHOUT! Mammoth cheese? FUS RO MOTHERTRUCKING DAH !I liked that bit of the game, if you couldn't tell. But eventually, I grew tired of shouting (actually, the guards made me stop doing it in town, so it wasn't fun anymore), and longed for new quests, areas and weapons to fill the void that shouting left.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 22:37


Skyrim: Hearthfire

So, it's an ill-kept secret that I'm a geek. I enjoy me my fantasy books, sci-fi movies, and RPG video games, including 'Skyrim.' In September, Bethesda released their latest downloadable content (DLC) 'Hearthfire' for Xbox users and in early October to PC players, which is when I got involved.

Now, though most of you know I'm a geek, I'm a geek among geeks when it comes to my playing. I enjoy the lamest parts of 'Skyrim.' While some prefer to go full-on badass, slaying dragons and crafting armor from their skin and bones, I'm chasing butterflies and seeing how many different pieces of pottery I can collect and display in my house. One of my biggest frustrations in the game is how difficult it is to properly place items on tables and display cases. I mean, really Bethesda, did you have to make the physics so that every time I pick something up it flips upside down? Do you hate me that much?

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