Wednesday, 22 August 2012 22:42

Skinny! Skinny! Skinny!

I was watching a program the other day about how people perceive these rail thin models as beautiful. Now, I have to be politically and morally correct here, so instead of demeaning anyone who chooses to be rail thin for modeling purposes, let me just say one thing. They sure didn't look like that when I was a kid (well, besides Ziggy, Iggy, Twiggy or Figgy - whatever that Swedish models name was). But regardless of your intent, I do believe we should balance our food intake with much more fruits and vegetables. I am a staunch advocate of all things fruit and vegetables, as well as substituting low-fat products for full-fat items. For example, the recipe below. You will not taste any difference at all if you chose to use full fat ingredients rather than those listed. With all this said, try...

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