WATERVILLE - Annie Ross was a founding member of Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, considered the greatest jazz vocal ensemble of all time. Now 82 years young, Ross will be accompanied by her pianist, Tardo Hammer. Ross is one of the early practitioners of a singing style known as 'vocalese,' which involves the setting of original lyrics to an instrumental jazz solo. Ross's visit to MIFF is part of a special 'Celebrating Altman' program honoring the work of one of America's greatest directors, Robert Altman, with whom Ross worked as an actress in and creator of the soundtrack for his ensemble film masterpiece, 'Short Cuts.'

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ELLSWORTH Trisha Mason is a candidate for most nervous interview subject ever.

She giggles a lot. Her cheeks, glowing with health, blush. Her accessible gaze suddenly averts up and to the left, then instantly returns.

'I'm sorry,' she says with a giggle. 'You should see me onstage. It's the talking thing that gets me every time.'

She takes a seat at her piano, a vintage Jacobs Brothers. Its wood cabinet is nicked a bit, but the instrument is in good shape and contains a rich sound. A notebook full of song lyrics is on the stand, and more pages of lyrics, along with a cut-glass lamp, is on top. A guitar case leans against one side. The dividing wall, which Mason painted carmine with pattern of circles within quadrangles, is hung with family photos; an image of her grandfather as a young man, accordion in hand, takes center place.

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