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Retro X: Arcade'

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Thursday, 20 December 2012 12:07

The Legend of Noel

Where Christmas and gaming combine

It's staring at us, mockingly existing in the digital space, taunting us from its fortress of my parents' 32', 4,000 pound CRT beast. The gentle Wii menu music chimes around our mental anguish, flowing like a river around two stones. We know it has to be done, but we fear pain, we fear frustration, we fear defeat. We aren't the stone-cold bundles of reflexes and Pixie Sticks that we once were back in the mid-'90s, when it was still okay to have an NES and 'Boy Meets World' was still in production. It's haunted us for years, a black mark on our gaming records, but today, we move forward unto a new dawn.Today, we shall play 'Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.'

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Wednesday, 18 April 2012 16:07

Do A Barrel Roll!

The curious effect of gaming

I've been finding myself listening to Brentalfloss, a chap on YouTube who has made name for himself by adding lyrics to classic game melodies. As much as I destroyed the value of nostalgia a few weeks ago, it seems my current existential crisis is driving me more and more toward my memories for some sort of relief from the worries of adulthood. In light of this, listening to young master Floss sing about Bubble Man's feelings on fighting Mega Man is staving off the encroaching insanity from planning a wedding and a life with my future wife. It's like the best parts of my childhood are gathering their strength to help me in this war we call 'moving on with your life.'

How could video games have this kind of an effect on my psyche, you ask?

Well, as Ricky Ricardo would say, I got some 'splainin' to do.

Video gaming isn't just a hobby, it's a culture. It gets in your blood, just like baseball, basketball, football and family businesses, carves its way into your heart, and you get a little smile remembering times spent with your favorite games. How many of you have ever walked out onto a Little League field and reminisced about your childhood games? How many of you have watched your kid's soccer game, and you blink, and for a split second, you're still out there, playing with such passion and single-minded joy?

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