Tuesday, 13 August 2013 19:27

Bringing retro games to your door

SAN FRANCISCO - A new monthly subscription service run by a pair of San Francisco Bay Area brothers aims to ease suffering for those with a serious case of Pac-Man fever.

With their rental service, All You Can Arcade, Seth and Timothy Peterson drop off hulking arcade machines to homes and offices around the state. Among the titles available are 80s classics, including 'Ms. Pac Man,' Donkey Kong' and 'Tron.' And the machines are always set to 'free play,' so there's no need for quarters, the company's website states.

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013 21:01


Oh, internet, there are so many fun things to do and watch. But if you haven't gotten a chance to watch Co-optitude with the ever-adorable Felicia and Ryon Day, then your geekery is sadly lacking.

The siblings play retro games on retro systems, including the original Sega Playstation, Nitendo 64 and other consoles. The only consistent aspect to the show is that the games have to offer a two-player option. So you get to watch them try to learn new systems and crazy controls while they narrate their experiences playing some of these games from our childhood (or from legend, since not all of our readers were alive when Sonic the Hedgehog was an actual game people wanted to play).

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