Wednesday, 30 May 2012 15:23

Good News, Everybody!

Gaming's Top (And Not) Website

It's a wide, wide interwebs of gaming-related knowledge and know-how. I'm here this week to toss you in a few directions I feel are proper bases of video game news and pertinent discussion, while also warning you away from a couple badniks. Without further ado:


For years, Joystiq has been a proper bastion for consistent news. The writers are professional yet creative and obviously passionate about their subject matter. A few feature articles break up the news stories nicely, and their layout leaves nothing to be desired. Joystiq also has a couple of decent sister sites in Massively (for MMO affectionatos) and WoW Insider (for fans of Blizzard's online behemoth World of Warcraft).

Aaron's Verdict: Four waffles out of five.

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