Tuesday, 04 February 2014 20:16

Questions about quizzes

If your Facebook looked anything like mine this week, it was a circus of quiz results. Two of my family members had magically transformed into Disney princesses. One of my friends was proudly declaring he was Darth Vader. It was surreal for many reasons, and I found myself asking many questions. The main question seemed to be 'Wait, when did quizzes become cool again?'

I have vague memories of when quizzes, at least for me, seemed to surge to a crescendo in popularity. I was a weird species called a pre-teen, identifiable by sticky lip gloss and roll-on eye shadow that contained more glitter than a craft store. Quizzilla was a roaring monster of a site that anyone who was someone knew about. Personality quizzes moved in chain mail through inboxes. It wasn't just the internet, however, that was asking questions. Magazines, books, virtually every medium had some form of quiz. In time, however, they died out just like every other trend. 

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