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Raising Dough for Charity

Pizza lovers of the world unite! In the time that it takes to raise the dough for a pizza, you could be contributing some serious dough to a local non-profit. That is because UNOs Pizzeria and Grill has teamed up with Planet Fitness to host monthly-long 'dough raisers.' The fundraising event serves up donations to charities while serving up dishes from UNO's menu.

So how does the dough raiser work? Sarah Eremita, the local store marketer for UNOs explained that every time Planet Fitness orders from UNO's, 20 percent of their bill is held until they reach a goal for what they would like to donate. Those funds are then sent to the charity of Planet Fitness's choice. Eremita says that the partnership between the two companies began last year.

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Wednesday, 03 October 2012 16:17

Pizza made possible by Kickstarter

When the Maine Grind in Ellsworth decided they wanted to add pizza to their menu, they turned to their customers for help raising the money they needed to make it happen. Using a site called Kickstarter, they launched a campaign to raise $20,000 - and they were successful! Kickstarter is a 'crowd funding' site, meaning individuals pledge money to projects they want to support. Kickstarter started to help fund creative projects - musicians, artists, etc. But more businesses are finding the site a great way to fund their creative projects. There are other crowd funding sites out there, but Kickstarter is among the most popular (do be sure any site you choose is legit!).

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Friday, 14 October 2011 09:06

Slice of life

October is pizza month

Fall is here. Kids are back to school, leaves are changing color, families are gearing up for Halloween. One aspect of the season is oft overlooked and that is the fact that October is Pizza Month.

This savory pie has been an American staple for time immemorial. Whether you are watching a football game on television; celebrating a milestone in your life, such as a birthday, graduation or job promotion; or even if you simply want a quick and simple dinner, pizza has it all: gooey cheese, hot savory sauce, and the combinations of toppings are limited only by availability and a good flexing of your culinary imagination. The bold can enjoy fare that is adventurous and delicious - but there's also nothing wrong with some tried and true combinations.

Around the country the pizza can define the area. There's Chicago deep dish pizza, which needs utensils, and the famous New York style, where you fold the thin crust in half before heartily enjoying (I assume New Yorkers heartily enjoy pizza).

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