Wednesday, 08 January 2014 16:14

Pinching pennies

It's always exciting to welcome in another year, to reflect upon the past and look forward to the future. But a new year can also bring stress - the stress of money being tight after all we spent on Christmas, entertainment, house emergencies (that always happen around the holidays) and heating costs. Then we all sit around stressing out about how we are going to pay for it and where we have to budget and cut things out for a while. I am right there along with all of you. But there is one place you don't have to cut entirely - nor should you - and that is your hair. 

Your hair makes a difference in how you approach your daily life. I see it every day behind the chair. It is the reason I love my job so much. Something that can be so simple to me can make a huge difference in someone's life and how they feel about themselves. Your hair is your public business card to the world, and you should keep it looking its best at all times. 

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